I started my design career under the direction of Dutch Bauhaus architect Matthias (Bart) Wevers in Masterton during the mid to latter 60s before moving to Rotorua in 1971 to take up a post at Lockwood Buildings.

After a few years in the Lockwood design department I moved to Tauranga and eventually established my own independent practice in 1978.

This gave me the opportunity to continue producing residential design incorporating the clean simple lines of the influencing Bauhaus discipline suitably reinforced by my recent association with Jo La Grouw and JJ van Loghem at Lockwood, both of whom augmented my ‘Continental European’ design philosophies.

In 2005 Janne and I moved to Aotea Harbour to seek a simpler lifestyle and experience the wild west coast environment. A small fishing village of 22 inhabitants, this haven gave us a time to reflect on our existence and lifestyle, develop new skills and goals, plus set the stage for an energised reinvention of our ‘studio’ working environments.

Now back in Tauranga, as of 2009, I am continuing to produce residential design augmenting my design philosophies with the lessons of scaled back simple living and an appreciation of the close association with the natural environment gained at Aotea Harbour, plus a growing first hand experience with simple Mid Century Modern structures.

The underlying philosophy of my practice is to produce exciting and practical design solutions focused on honest materials, function and form.

Denton Perry Arch.Dip Architectural Designer & LBP

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